6 Month+ Bundle - 270ml Bottle, 2 Fast, 2 Advanced Teats & Silicone Seal - SAVE 20%

SAVE 20% buying this bundle when compared to buying items individually! Spend another £6.35 for free shipping!

Our premium teat is made from the highest quality German medical grade silicone. Unlike regular teats, Minbie allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding action as breastfeeding, avoiding nipple confusion, mastitis, reflux and colic🍼✔️


  • 4 Teats made of premium-quality German soft silicone:
    1. 2 x 6+ Fast Teats - requiring your baby to work strongly at the feed
    2. 2 x 9+ Advanced Flow Teats - a faster feed rate perfect for older babies month with a growing appetite
  • 270ml bottle made of BPA-­free polypropylene with bottle collar and cap
  • Special soft silicone seal for hygienic storage or transport of milk and for mixing formula


  • Multiple award-winning Minbie teat is breakthrough in supporting your mother-baby breastfeeding bond
  • Minbie's advanced new functionality avoids nipple-confusion - use only Minbie when bottle-feeding to help protect your baby from the harm to breastfeeding of nipple-confusion 
  • Requires babies to work at the feed -preventing lazy feeding
  • Exceptional 3-Way Anti-Reflux and Anti-Colic 
  • Ideal for using expressed breast ­milk while protecting your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding technique
  • Bottle is compatible with all Minbie teat’s
  • Safe to clean, store (in refrigerator or freezer) and transport
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