UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK
UV Steriliser & Dryer Minbie UK

UV Steriliser & Dryer

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Save £35 & Free Shipping - Ultraviolet light has been used to stop virus & bacteria in their tracks for decades and now Minbie is bringing you this amazing technology to protect your family.

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UV sterilisation + drying is not only effective at killing pathogens but also keeping them away.  It works by breaking down individual chemical bonds and the structure of a microorganism’s DNA, RNA, and proteins, halting its ability to multiply. When an organism is unable to multiply, it is considered dead. This technology has been proven to kill microorganisms even the eye can’t see, making the Minbie UV Steriliser a real ‘peace of mind appliance’ for your family.

Does the UV Steriliser keep items sterile for longer? 
Yes! The UV Steriliser’s storage function re-dries and re-sterilises every 2 hours for up to 3 days. This ensures your items stay sterile for longer, giving you peace of mind. 

Why is UV sterilisation better than using chemicals?
Using harsh chemicals leaves a residue on your items that continues to treat the surface long after sterilisation. These harsh chemicals and the residue they leave behind aren’t good for your baby or the items you’re sterilising. There is no doubt about it, UV Sterilisation is better for your family and for the environment

    • Multi-function ability enabling sterilisation of phones, keys, wallets, glasses, gloves, face masks (no single-use), baby feeding items, kitchen utensils, toys, facemasks, electronic devices etc
    • Fast-drying PTC heater and dual fan (approximately 80degrees Celsius)
    • Easy to use touch button LED display 
    • Storage function for maintaining sterilisation for up to three days
    • Two germicidal UVC lights with sterilising wavelengths in the range of 254nm to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens
    • Two stainless steel sterilising racks for increased capacity up to 9 bottles + accessories
    • Mirrored stainless steel for high reflectivity
    • Night light 
    • Safety features (including automatic off switch when the door is opened)
    • Outer dimensions: width 28cm x height 38cm x depth 36cm
    • Inner dimensions: width 25cm x height 30cm x depth 26cm


The Minbie UV Steriliser has been created with the sole purpose of disinfecting germs that live on baby gear plus your personal and household items! This ‘must have’ steriliser gets everything from bottles & teats, to your house keys, face masks and purse clean and dry within minutes. The possibilities are endless, making it a dream come true for any home! This easy to use, fast and highly effective steriliser will change the way you live, by saving your family precious time and energy, whilst keeping you all germ free. Intelligently designed features including the nightlight, storage setting and drying function, mean sterilising and drying couldn’t be easier, tidier or more effective.


Imagine just how many germs live on our everyday items such as phones, keys and wallets. When you pop them in the UV steriliser you can be sure they'll come out germ free just like your baby's bottles and teats.


Space for up to 9 bottles plus accessories means you save precious time.


Germs don’t make good playmates. The Minbie UV Steriliser sees to it that playtime is germ free by zapping bacteria off toys without the worry of damaging them using standard cleaning methods.

No Water Needed

UV Sterilisation allows you to keep all of your items clean without the need for boiling water or steam. The drying function makes sure your items are kept dry for up to 24 hours.

Why UV?

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