Are you looking for a baby bottle your baby will accept? Minbie may help

There is so much that we can say about the Minbie. We can tell you all the wonderful experiences many parents have had with the Minbie. We can tell you about the very good benefits your little one will get from using Minbie, like feeding with the same latch as breastfeeding making for smooth transitions between breast and bottle.  Or it could be about it helps with reflux or maybe the benefits of good oral development. We can also share the numerous 5-star reviews with you. There are just so many positive things to say about the Minbie, but it is never good to toot one's own horn! But there is certainly nothing wrong in allowing someone else to tell you how great the Minbie is 😊


Let us tune in to Alice’ s very encouraging story. Her experience gives a high sense of hope. It helps to teach that a baby bottle is more than just feeding. When parents have great success after a journey frustrated with hurdle after hurdle of trying to find the right bottle, it has a very positive impact on the family when success is finally achieved: Minbie.

“My name is Alice and this is my 6 month old daughter Evie. When she was born I really, really wanted to just breastfeed as much as possible for as long as possible, but I also wanted to give my partner the chance to feed too. But, I didn’t want Evie to get confused between nipple and bottle and I looked and looked and looked... I found this amazing company online called Minbie. I bought the starter pack at 3 months and the first time we tried it with Evie she took to it like a duck to water. It’s been the most brilliant thing for me.

I feed underarm feeding, it makes it really hard to feed when you are out and about it is not as easy as cradle feeding. You would have to try and have a chair with an arm and make sure you have got cushions, and it just doesn’t work. So, a lot of the times, if I am going out I express into a Minbie bottle and it’s just made going out a dream. It’s made my life so much easier and this little one absolutely loves it.

I really from the bottom of my heart cannot recommend it anymore. I have told my midwife. I have told all my friends. I have told mums I have met. I have shown them the nipple it’s just amazing. Honestly, I am not making it up; the first time that we tried it she took to it and we have never ever had any nipple confusion. She goes from the bottle to the breast so easily. I would really try it, honestly, it’s worth every single penny.”

A good feeling is so very infectious. Sharing in the joys and happiness of another person imbues us with a similar feeling of happiness and good cheer. Alice’s expressions of her experience with the Minbie has warmed our hearts in so many ways: because it has worked so well for her beautiful baby girl, Evie. It also means a mum is more relaxed and happy with her feeding journey. We are bolstered even more to continue to support the breastfeeding journey of mum and baby.