A guide to the Minbie dummy with Julia Wilson - Co Founder of Minbie

Thinking about introducing a dummy? Well, good news! I’m here to help!

What do newborn babies do all day?

It may feel hard to believe right now, but the majority of your newborn's days are going to be spent sleeping.

Choose Minbie First & Avoid Bottle Refusal - Kate's Story

Minbie was developed to help mums just like Kate make switching between breast and bottle seamless and stress free.

Minbie's Merry Christmas Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year so here's our Glorious Gift Guide with gifts to suit all budgets and nurture all babies! 

The Minbie dummy is here & mums are lovin' it!

The Minbie dummy offers a new way for bub to settle themselves without affecting their latch or your breastfeeding journey.

Jules and Jimmy are ready for anything with the Minbie Bottle Feeding System

Opting for the Minbie Complete Package gives new families like Jules & Jimmy the freedom to pick and choose how they organise their schedule. 

Breast & Bottle feeding twins with Minbie - Simone's Story

Having a safe and supportive feeding system in place when you’re expecting twins will enable you to take the pressure off when you need to, knowing your breastfeeding bond is protected.

Breastfeeding & Biting! Let Minbie Help With These Top Tips

Ok Mamas, prepare yourselves. We’re talking about…. biting! 

Considering giving up Breastfeeding because your breast pump is letting you down?? Read this first!!

Minbie's pump has been created to complement breastfeeding and support mums, giving you the freedom & power to choose what’s best for you and your baby.

Minbie's here to help you & bub make weaning as seamless as possible

Choosing to offer a Minbie teat when you’re weaning your baby off the breast will enable bub to continue feeding with the same technique they’ve used since birth. 

6 Tips to help you understand & avoid nipple confusion

We thought it was time to clear up the confusion around confusion and get things straight once and for all! 

Minbie Helps New Dads Support Breastfeeding

New dad Mark wanted to make sure he could offer as much help as possible to his wife and get his fair share of bonding time too! Here's how Minbie made that possible.

Mum Hannah tells us why the Minbie breast pump is “ the best” she’s ever used

New mum Hannah tells us why she wouldn't be without her Minbie breast pump!

Overabundant milk supply? Read how new mum Natalie was supported by the Minbie Breast Pump

The ability to express just the right amount of milk in more comfort and less time makes this one of the best pumps around when it comes to supporting every mums journey!

"How Minbie helped my boy overcome Tongue-Tie” - Steph’s Story

Have you been told your baby has a tongue-tie? Steph tells her tongue-tie story here and how Minbie helped her and baby Albert get through.

Are you holding your baby correctly when bottle feeding?

It’s important to remember that new babies are just beginning to learn how to feed. Yes instinct gives them a good understanding of the process however it’s still essential that you take charge and gently guide them in the right direction.

PP or PPSU? Which is the best baby bottle for your family?

The differences between the PP & the PPSU bottles may seem small, but understanding them could save you time & money! 

Preparing for motherhood & breastfeeding success with Minbie

If you’re expecting and planning to breastfeed, now is a great time to invest in the support you’ll need to get you through.

Minbie Supports Breastfeeding So Mums Can Safely Return To Work

When it’s time to head back to work, you want to know your baby is still feeding using the same technique they would if you were there. Read Cindy's story of how Minbie was a 'game changer' for her family.

3 reasons not to use standard teats

We created the Minbie so that you can give your little one a bottle without risk to their hard-working instinctive breastfeeding technique. Read more about how Minbie can help you overcome breastfeeding challenges.

Minbie Supports Breastfeeding & Helps You All Sleep Like Babies

Minbie has the feeding solutions you need to have seamless breast to bottle transitions, calm night feeds and that highly coveted ‘good night’s sleep’.