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Join over 300,000 parents who trust Minbie's teat technology to nurture their babies breastfeeding development.

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Functionally Designed like nature intended
  • Protects your breastfeeding bond from nipple confusion

  • Our contours support your baby to latch-on like it’s mum, training their breastfeeding muscle-memory

  • Anti Reflux & Anti Colic latch and motion strengthens your baby's immature digestive-system

Designed to create a stronger bond
Designed to create a stronger bond
other teats
Nurtures instinctive breastfeeding latch
Strengthens breastfeeding coordination
Avoids nipple confusion
Replicates instinctive breastfeeding motion
Supports good digestion
Prevents lazy feeding
Anti reflux & colic
Trains breastfeeding muscle-memory
Why Sterilise?
Keep Your Family Healthy

Our sterilisers & dryers kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and save you a bunch of time.

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Over 300,000 Parents Trust Minbie