Minbie is helping new dads feed and bond with their newborn

Let’s face it dads! Whether you deserve it or not, you often get accused of failing to be "hands-on" enough with your new arrival. It’s hard isn’t it? For nine months you’re basically an onlooker, standing on the sidelines, waiting, watching, handing out snacks, rubbing swollen feet, and waiting a little more! If you and your other half decide to embark on a breastfeeding journey, it may seem daunting and you may wonder what you can do to help?!  But, new dads are finding that getting involved in helping from the first day can be really positive for them and the family.  Minbie has been helping dads secure even more precious moments with their breastfed baby, from the very start. 

Meet Puneet, a new dad of a beautiful baby boy, who is embracing fatherhood and playing a leading role in his baby’s breastfeeding journey with Minbie. 

Minbie helped Puneet get more involved in feeding

We know Dads have found Minbie second to none when it comes to enabling them to be a part of the feeding routine, however, chatting to first time dad Puneet, gave us even more insight into why dads find being part of the Minbie family so significant for themselves and for their whole family. With the help of Minbie, Puneet has been able to climb the ladder from full time “dirty work” like nappy changing and bathing to being able to share the incredible sense of wonder that comes with feeding his brand new baby boy. 

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Minbie Complete Package

Just what Dad needed!

Whilst new father Puneet couldn’t supply the milk to feed his bub, he took the reins when it came to investing in the perfect feeding solution to support his wife’s breastfeeding journey and therefore include himself in this incredible bonding time that he was so concerned he'd miss out on.  

For Puneet and his wife, choosing to introduce Minbie to their breastfeeding routine has enabled them to share the load, recover lost time, and create a great routine for their growing family. 

Minbie PPSU Bottle Bundle

Puneet realised early on, after a stressful few days of cluster feeding in the hospital, “you actually need a product that suits you, your lifestyle as a family and is safe.”

After some research, this is ultimately what inspired him to go straight in with the Complete Package which he agrees is a great investment for breastfeeding families. This bundle ensures Puneet’s family have the right bottles and teats on hand whenever they should need them for the first 2 years of parenthood. Yes, a true investment in your breastfeeding journey! 

Puneet and his wife have seen for themselves that Minbie’s beautifully elegant, durable and ergonomic PPSU bottles & teats “replicate the natural feeding experience” whilst ensuring flexibility, routine, and great support throughout those early days of breastfeeding. A dream come true for all breastfeeding families right?

Investing in the future

When it comes to washing and sterilising, just as with the bottles and teats, Puneet wanted to invest in something that would see his family through the years, which is why he chose the Steriliser & Dryer. This first-time dad has found that the mess free, time saving sterilising with this product has been incredible. Just like all parents, Puneet wants to make sure his son is safe from germs and has found the Minbie steriliser & Dryer is the best way to guarantee germ free bottles & teats. 

It’s Dads time to shine

Despite finding joy in the nappy changes and the night time burping, one of the greatest things Puneet has found about being part of the Minbie family from the very beginning, is that it has given him so much more precious bonding time with his new son. Puneet is no longer just in charge of the dirty work. This first-time dad can now add feeding to his list of ‘Dad Duties’ as well as nappy changing and bathing, therefore freeing up mum and lightening the load on the whole family. Choosing Minbie from the very beginning and planning their journey into parenthood has meant that Puneet and his wife have had “one less thing to worry about” in a world full of uncertainty! 

When you become part of the Minbie family you don’t have to feel useless or miss out on bonding time. We have been helping fathers to find their feet from the outset of their fatherhood journey and Minbie is here to support you too! You’ve got this dad! 

If you’re a new dad or a dad-to-be, you can chat to someone now about how you too can become part of the Minbie family. 


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - The only bottle my EBF girl will accept!

My exclusively breastfed baby accepted it straight away. A great relief for this Mama of two, and a nice opportunity for bonding with Daddy - Holly L

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Daddy Can Feed Him

I love these bottles. My son has taken them since 1 week old so his daddy can feed him breast milk – Jacinta. E

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Dad Gets To Feed & Bond 

My preterm baby has used Minbie since 35 +3 days old. Dad gets to feed and bond and baby gets the best of both worlds - boob and bottle. Thanks Minbie! – Ebony. M

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - It worked!

My three-month-old was exclusively breastfeeding and refused at least 4 other types of bottles. She takes the Minbie no problem at all and I can finally leave her with her daddy without fear of her going hungry! Amazing! – Amy. S