“Minbie made the first weeks of motherhood stress free” Leila’s Story

Preparing for parenthood can seem a little overwhelming. The endless shopping lists, the advice coming at you from every which way, the decorating and of course all that furniture that needs building. It’s no wonder you feel frazzled. Well don't panic because when it comes to feeding your newborn, we're here to make it as easy as possible.


New mum Leila made sure she was ahead of the game. She found out she was having a c-section and was keen to research and be organised before the big day. Leila knew she wanted to breastfeed her baby, but was also very aware of how important it was to be prepared for any eventuality. By researching and then purchasing the Minbie Complete Package, Leila ticked a big chunk off her shopping list and armed herself with everything she needed for breastfeeding success. Setting herself up with the very best in breastfeeding support meant that even in the days before her daughter entered the world, Leila could express a little precious colostrum and have it ready to go if needed, perfectly warm, in sterilised bottles, when the time came.

" Because I'm doing a mix of breastfeeding, pumping & bottle feeding, one of the wonderful advantages of that is I can get my husband to do a lot of the bottle feeds, so they get that special bonding time too!" - Leila 

Of course as new mums we’re not expected to know exactly what we’re doing, or to nail everything first time round, however, when you choose Minbie you can be sure you’ll have feeding under control from day 1. 

Why do I need bottles? 

Breastfeeding isn’t always an option in those very early days, and for many of us, we need a little help to get going. The Minbie Complete Package gives all new families a real chance of success by allowing them to offer their newborn a teat that has been meticulously designed to support their breastfeeding muscle-memory. Having an award winning baby bottle like this meant that no matter how many top ups Leila needed to give her newborn from a bottle, she had no issues feeding her on the breast too.

Mix feeding is done for many reasons and shouldn’t mean the end of your breastfeeding journey. Sadly for so many mothers, the introduction of a generic bottle in the early days causes too many complications and they aren’t then able to breastfeed again. It doesn't need to be that way, it is possible to breast and bottle feed your baby from the very first hours and days of life. 

The Minbie Complete Package really is a gift to all new families. This comprehensive kit includes everything your family needs to start and maintain a seamless breastfeeding journey from the very first feed. 

Buying this package ahead of time meant that when the time came, Leila had the means to easily pump and sterilise & dry her bottles if and when they were needed, and to gently warm her breastmilk for her newborn. 

Easing your way into parenthood with the right bottles & equipment takes the pressure off, allowing you to really enjoy those special first few days knowing you’re doing everything you can to nurture your baby & your breastfeeding bond for long term success.

What’s in the Complete Package?

Bottles & Teats –The 4 (2 PP + 2 PPSU ) bottles and 14 teats of varying flows in this complete package will see your family through the first two years of feeding. The Minbie PPSU Bottles are toxin free, elegant, ergonomic, easy to assemble, quick to clean and hardwearing whilst our Minbie patented teats are perfectly designed to match the way newborns want and need to feed on the breast, making breast to bottle transitions seamless. These award winning bottles will allow mum to seamlessly switch between breast and bottle feeding, freeing up time and allowing others to bond with bub.

Breast Pump - The Minbie breast pump will quickly become a breastfeeding best friend for any mum! Our all-in-one pump has been designed to provide the most comfort, power, and portability to support a nurturing breastfeeding relationship. Hospital grade suction, a rechargeable lithium battery, backlit display and an ultra-quiet motor ensures you, just like Leila, can pump whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable. Complete with stimulation and expression modes, five adjustable pace settings, and twelve adjustable power levels, the Minbie Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump will be a lifesaver for many months to come!

Minbie's Breast Pump is my Life-Saver ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I have to say that Minbie's Breast Pump is a life-saver and worth every penny! It makes my exclusive pumping journey so much easier. It's simple, straightforward, quiet, gentle on nipples while being very effective with fast pumping. Before switching to Minbie, I always had clogged milk/milk blockage, which made me feel extremely stressed! Since moving to the Minbie pump, I no longer have this problem. Also, my milk supply increased using this pump. On my previous pump I'd collect up to 260ml each pump, but I now get up to 310ml per pump with Minbie! It's improved my feeding outcomes without a doubt.” Trang.M.

Steam Steriliser & Dryer – The lightweight Minbie Steam Steriliser & Dryer keeps 99.9% of harmful bacteria away, and is the time & space saving steam steriliser all new families need in hospital and at home! It’s not only straightforward to use, easy to clean and quick, it simply uses water to sterilise baby’s bottles, teats and teethers. With space for up to six bottles plus accessories this steriliser keeps the bench clutter free whilst keeping the contents sterile for up to 24 hours after the cycle is complete. 

Bottle Warmer - With this warmer, Leila felt reassured she was able to warm her breastmilk to body temperature making sure vital nutrients and probiotics were preserved. Warming the breast milk slowly at or below 40 degrees Celsius eliminates any risk of ruined milk or burnt hands. With the real-time digital temperature display you can clearly see the temperature of the heating element as it heats, and keep your bottle in the warmer at temperature so the milk is ready when baby’s hungry.

Feeding your baby doesn’t need to be stressful, painful or hard work. If you start this incredible journey with Minbie, you can rest assured your baby will be given the very best start and you will have everything under control. Our bottles will ensure your little one is feeding just as they do on your breast, protecting your breastfeeding bond, so no matter how much help your newborn needs from a bottle, they’ll always happily return to mum.

How you can gently prepare yourself for parenthood:

🍼Keep an open mind - prepare for the unexpected
🍼Try to accept things will be a little different. Change can be a good thing!
🍼Read about what you can expect when looking after a newborn
🍼Buy the Minbie Complete Package and practice using everything before baby arrives
🍼Look after yourself & get some rest whenever possible
🍼Trust your instincts. A mothers instinct is a force to be reckoned with.
🍼Go easy on yourself. This will be an emotional rollercoaster
🍼Be confident in your own abilities. You can do this!
🍼Create your village and be prepared to accept offers of help. (Minbie will help make this possible)

If you have any questions about this package or any other Minbie products, chat to one of our 24/7 customer support team. They’re all mums so they completely understand you have lots of questions!