Minbie mum Latasha urges all breastfeeding families to try Minbie first!

Helping new families begin and successfully maintain their breastfeeding journey with ease is what we really care about at Minbie. Our aim is to help new mums & dads get to grips with all things 'parenthood' from feeding routines to bonding and safe guarding breastfeeding, using a bottle that poses no threat to breastfeeding. New mum Latasha realised after exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months, it was time for her to have a little more freedom and for her partner to soak up some of that feeding time closeness he’d been missing out on. Here is Latasha’s beautiful Minbie story.

Breast to bottle & back

Having exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, Latasha, like many mothers, really struggled to find a bottle that her son would accept. After trying many different brands, the thought of ever being able to offer him a bottle seemed more and more impossible. Then she invested in Minbie!

When Latasha’s son reached out for the Minbie bottle and accepted it straight away, it was a huge relief for the whole family and a weight off everyone’s minds. It’s incredible the amount of stress that bottle refusal can cause a family, and we’re always shocked to hear how many bottles parents have been through before finding success with Minbie. Our award winning teat offers you something so 'breast like' that there really is no need to struggle with bottle refusal any more. 

“It was a relief, I’d finally found something that works! I can’t wait to tell all my friends” - Latasha

Breastfed babies may reject bottles because they just don't feel right.  Your breastfed baby instinctively knows how to feed on your breast, which is why we meticulously designed our Minbie nipple to cause no latching issues or lazy feeding and, when you need to introduce a bottle, to increase the chances of acceptance. 


You deserve it mama!

You and all new parents deserve to have another option for those days or times when you can’t be present to breastfeed or just need a break. Mums deserve to have the freedom to pop out with their friends knowing that dad is home happily feeding bub. Equally dads deserve to experience those wonderful cozy moments before bedtime to truly bond with their baby.

The Minbie bottle is helping mums like Latasha successfully breast and bottle feed their baby knowing they're offering the very best for their little one’s development, digestion and comfort. 

The Minbie baby bottle gives you: 

🍼The freedom to have a break
🍼The flexibility to leave the house without worry
🍼The opportunity to return to work knowing bub is happily feeding without you
 🍼The gift of being able to share the bonding experience with your partner
🍼The ability to offer dad more hands on time with bub

🍼A break from the bedtime routine

Bonding with Bub

More and more families are finding joy in the new feeding and bonding experience that Minbie brings to their home. Latasha truly believed that she would never have any time to herself again and would forever be the only one who could feed and put her baby to bed. Minbie has turned this new family's life around by offering freedom, choice & the opportunity to share feeding without any risk to Latasha’s breastfeeding. That is a priceless gift for any new family. 

How is the Minbie teat different? 

🍼The design of the Minbie teat protects your breastfeeding bond from nipple confusion therefore giving you and your partner equal opportunities to feed and bond with your baby.
🍼The contours of the Minbie teat support your baby to latch-on like it’s mum, and use their instinctive breastfeeding motion, training their breastfeeding muscle-memory. 
🍼The Minbie teat encourages an Anti Reflux & Anti Colic latch and motion which strengthens your baby's immature digestive-system. 
🍼The Minbie teat strengthens breastfeeding coordination often making your baby a more efficient breast feeder. 
If you haven't found 'The Bottle' yet, it's time you tried Minbie. Latasha put it perfectly when she said:  "Give it a go, I don't think you'll look back, they're really special! They've been designed with babies and families in mind, they work and they're so easy". 
If you have any questions about how Minbie can help you with your breastfeeding journey chat to one of our 24/7 customer care team now!