A mum's empowerment is a baby's happiness

Is your mum journey as you imagined it would be when you planned your family? Do you sometimes feel as if you have lost your balance? Often  times  you see well put together mums who epitomise what   is the conceived  ideal mum figure. You may then come away with a feeling of disappointment in yourself because you fall short no matter how much effort you put in. Your empowerment is not contingent on what is portrayed as the perfect mum. It is what you do that empowers you. What you need, and not what the world says you do.

How can a mum find her balance?

We spoke with Annie who tells us how she empowers herself as a new mum:



“Being able to use Minbie has meant I have been able to fully enjoy being a mother because it has given me choices and empowerment and freedom as well as commitment to being the best mum I can be.


Getting out to run is fantastic. For me it makes it feel like I am doing something for myself. It makes me feel like I am getting back to my old self or my old body. It helps me clear my mind so that when I come back I am all focused, and I have missed him as well, but I feel like I have had that time; that me balance you so badly need as a new mum.

Two key points stood out: (1) Annie had choices. She was not boxed in when it came to feeding her son. (2) She did something that motivated her. This activity helped her to be a better mum. What else helped Annie as a mum?


“I would describe empowerment as being able to make the choices to be successful however you define it, and not just as a mum. I am also a professional, I am also somebody who loves sports, and I am social and it means I can actually be all of those things in the best possible way. And I want him to know that being a mum isn’t limiting to being successful in other areas of life.” This is not her having it all. This is having choices and not feeling guilty but embracing the different roles she has and making this work for her family’s balance.


Finding the right balance did not mean giving up the needs of her son, as she explains: “Somebody recommended us to try Minbie because of the more natural latch and he went straight on did a whole bottle and I felt so relieved the day that one happened. Finding Minbie has allowed me to fully enjoy my maternity leave and this very special time with my son. So it has given me opportunities and choices in the way that we have been able to do that in our relationship together.”Annie ensured her son was bottle fed the best way possible. His latch was protected, a relief for her and a benefit for her son. Annie was empowered because she had options with feeding her baby, you too can be helped in a similar way see the Minbie page at https://minbie.co.uk/

The most profound saying that can be imparted to a new mum is captured here: “One of the most useful bits of advice somebody gave me was a happy mummy, happy baby. So anything that can help you feel happy as a mum, feel empowered and feel energise is going to equate to a happy baby."

This is proven by mums time and again. When a mum feels consumed because of the many responsibilities and expectations placed on her it can lead to other issues like depression and loneliness. Help Guide tells just how much this impacts the family.

Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues

That is why it is important that a new mum feels empowered and secure in her new role. That balance is necessary for her health and that of her newborn as the mental state of a mum can have an effect on her baby. A mum needs the comfort of not losing herself to her responsibilities. If a baby is not feeding well or not taking a bottle when this is what a mum needs to maintain her balance it can create a cycle of frustration which affects both mum and baby’s happiness.

Celebrate your motherhood and empowerment… 

Share with us what you do to find your balance. Motherhood is a celebration of life, a time to give thanks for the precious gift that was bestowed on us.