Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie
Bottle Warmer Minbie

Bottle Warmer

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Gentle and convenient warming makes certain the nutrients in your breastmilk are protected and your baby doesn’t have to wait to be fed - Save £6 & free shipping.

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Goes With:

  • Gentle warming preserves the nutrients and good bacteria in your breast milk; vital for your baby's wellness.
  • You can set the unit to warm your milk to your natural body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.
  • Setting the temperature means no risk of ruined milk.
  • No risk of losing essential nutrients in the milk through fast overheating!
  • Baby's bottle will be warmed gently to preserve the nutrients and good bacteria in the breast milk.  No hot spots!!
  • Pre-warm a cup of water in the unit to no more than 40 degrees Celsius, then put the bottle in 10+ minutes ahead of feed time so it's ready when baby is hungry. 
  • You set the temperature to make sure no milk is overheated or spoilt.
  • Convenient, easy to use & intuitive design.
  • Save time pre warming baby's bottle, giving your family more precious moments.
  • Easy to use touch button LED display. 
  • Real-time heating element temperature display.
  • Sound alert to let you know heating has commenced.
  • Easy temperature settings to ensure milk/food is at optimal temperature for Bub.
  • Maintains temperature to ensure milk is ready when baby is.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stylish design.
  • Well lit LED display for night feeds.
  • Safety features. 
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    • 1-year warranty included

    Gently warm your breastmilk to body temperature making sure vital nutrients are preserved. Warming the breast milk slowly at or below 40 degrees celsius will preserve the beneficial probiotic bacteria, anti-inflammatory components, nutritional and immunological properties that support a baby's ability to metabolise the milk. With the real-time digital temperature display you can clearly see the temperature of the heating element as it gently warms baby’s bottle. We don’t want to risk your precious milk overheating and spoiling or anyone getting burnt, so this innovative bottle warmer has a temperature function that you can set to match your natural body temperature. Just one of the multiple functions that will make day and night feeds smooth for everyone. Say “Goodbye” to the worry of lost nutrients from fast overheating and “Hello” to our new bottle warmer.


    Have a bottle of breastmilk at the perfect temperature ready to go when your Bub is ready to feed.


    Gently pump breastmilk during the day and pop into the warmer ready for Dad's dreamy night feeds.


    Convenient & easy to use LED display with smart functions avoids the dangers of boiling water and allows you to choose the temperature & keep the bottle there until you're ready to feed.

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