Minbie – Helping you become the dad you always wanted to be

“You’re going to be a dad!” Words that can strike fear amongst even the toughest of men. Sometimes the overwhelm can outweigh the delight in that moment, but breathe, you’re going to be awesome!

With so much information to take in, and seemingly very little hands on help you can give, it’s natural to wonder how on earth you can properly prepare for fatherhood? Whilst your other half spends hours trawling baby websites, buying umpteen books about pregnancy diets, labour and breastfeeding, it’s no surprise you feel a little left out. Remember though, the role of a father starts the second you find out you’re going to be a dad, so put your comfiest shoes on because you’re about to embark on one heck of a journey!

Reality check

More often than not, until your baby is placed in your arms, it’s hard to imagine what fatherhood will look and feel like. You don’t get the heartburn, you miss out on the cravings and you spend 9 months mostly sitting on the sidelines. However, times are a changin’ and we’re here to show you how Minbie is bringing Dads out of the shadows and into the thick of it.

Put your best foot forward

A great way to begin your journey into fatherhood is to help prepare for the imminent arrival. Getting the nursery kitted out with the essentials, building all the self-assembly furniture that keeps arriving on the doorstep, and making sure that your family has all the breastfeeding support they need from the very start. 

Minbie Complete Package

Here comes Minbie

Warning!! After months of waiting patiently, dads can then go on to be overlooked in the delivery room, however it’s important to remember, as well as being there for much needed support, you play an incredibly important role in helping your family begin their breastfeeding journey from that very first feed. Taking the lead and being prepared with a well thought out hospital bag when your other half goes into labour will be a task you’ll win some serious brownie points for. One thing you mustn’t leave at home are the Minbie Premium PPSU Newborn bottles and teats. Adding these to the bag will ensure you’re #1 Dad even before those tiny little cries are heard!

 “Bottles??” I hear you cry. 

Yes, bottles! Our Complete PPSU Bottle Bundle will be a godsend, if not straight away, at some point over the next few days, especially if your family are keen to ‘exclusively breastfeed’ (which actually talks more about the milk than the method).

There are many reasons why your baby may need to be given a bottle in hospital and sharing the load with Minbie will not only give you a chance to feed and bond with your precious new baby, it will also reduce the confusion when switching from breast to bottle and back to breast. Minbie teats are the closest thing to the natural breast and therefore the only teat your family should be using to protect their seamless breastfeeding journey. Not only will Minbie help your baby avoid colic and nipple confusion, the bottles and teats will also make it easier for mum to get some downtime and enjoy some uninterrupted sleep, give you more bonding time, and help immensely with that transition back to date nights… oh and work too! 

Bringing baby home – Coping with feelings of inadequacy

Yup! Father’s often find themselves having to find ways to cope with feelings of inadequacy. It’s a given that breastfeeding will create a special relationship between your partner and your baby, so it’s completely natural if you start to feel left out. But, you can help with the feeding journey. Your thoughtful support from the first day onwards can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of your family. When you become part of the Minbie family you don’t have to feel useless or miss out on bonding time. We have been helping fathers to find their feet from the outset of their fatherhood journey and Minbie is here to support you too! You’ve got this dad! 

Top Jobs for Ace Minbie Dads 

Hospital bag packer

Make it your job throughout pregnancy to research and pack the ultimate hospital bag. Ordering Minbie’s UV Complete Package early on will not only save you a whopping £79 and land you Free Express Postage, but will also enable your family to begin their breastfeeding journey in the very best way possible! Having everything to hand in the hospital bag including your steriliser and breast pump means you can relax knowing everything is covered.  Bypassing the hospital bottles & teats and offering Minbie's ensures your baby is using a safer bottle and a teat that better protects the ability to breastfeed! **Winning!! **Best double check the contents of the hospital bag  with mama before you set off, just in case!

Hospital Gatekeeper 

Make sure that only the people who have been asked to visit get through the doors. Mum and baby may not want streams of visitors coming through the doors, so it’s crucial to take note of when mum needs some quiet time, and reassure visitors that they will get to see the new arrival, just not right now. 

Chief Communicator

Whilst you may feel a little left out at times (*totally natural), it’s really important you make sure your other half is being heard and that you truly listen to what is needed from you. Communicating your feelings as well as understanding hers will make those early days easier and strengthen your bond. Remember, this is life changing for both of you, and effective communication is key to nailing it!

Mr Supportive

Back scratcher, foot massager, snack deliverer, pillow plumper, great listener, meal preparer, bottle washer, nappy changer, burper (the baby, not you)…. whatever you need to do to maintain a supportive net around your family during these early days of breastfeeding, just get it done. Once your baby has established a great breastfeeding routine with Minbie, you will get to sideline the foot massages, let mum catch up on all that much needed sleep and have even more precious feeding moments of your own. 

Hands on helper

Arrange the shopping delivery, fill the car up with fuel, order that UV steriliser you keep looking at online (it’s awesome). Getting the small things done will save time and make life run a little smoother, making certain those first few months don’t turn into a hectic blur. 

Minbie Dad

Becoming a Minbie dad means you have given your family the best support from the start line. Our 0-6 Month Bundle was designed specifically for the early feeding development of newborns to six months with 4 different teat sizes to support your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding technique for the first 6 months of life. These varying teats match your baby’s changing feed rate as their feeding need grows. By introducing and only using Minbie teats when a bottle is needed, you protect your baby’s inborn breastfeeding technique, which is best for their fledgling digestion and to avoid nipple confusion. Now with our new ultra-premium and durable & safe PPSU bottles, this is the best teat and bottle offering available to new parents, and another reminder that Minbie is here to help you become the dad you always dreamed you’d be.