Mum Hannah tells us why the Minbie breast pump is “ the best” she’s ever used

“My breastfeeding journey would have been so much harder without the Minbie Pump!” We don't mean to brag...but... this is something we hear...a lot! Whether they're returning to work or perhaps they simply need to increase their milk supply, many, many Minbie mums tell us how the Minbie breast pump has saved their breastfeeding journey & let’s face it, their sanity! As soon as we saw this video from Hannah we just had to share it with you! There are so many awesome features in our hospital grade pump to make your life easier, so it’s no wonder mums like Hannah can’t help but fall in love with it!


“It’s mummy approved, it’s baby approved, it’s well worth the money. It’s definitely the best pump I’ve used so far.” - Hannah  

Protecting your breastfeeding journey with the Minbie pump

For mums who are keen to exclusively breastfeed and/or offer breastmilk in a bottle, the Minbie pump is a must have! It’s proven itself time and time again to not only be incredibly efficient but also super comfortable. This is a 5 star combination that’s been hard to find until now and it's all down to the soft silicone cups and 10 levels of strength that allow you to customise pumping to suit your body. (That's right, no more crying through the pain mama!) This is exactly what makes our pump one of the stand out favourites on the market.

“It was very, very important for me to get a good pump because I need to know that I can either breastfeed her or bottle feed her with breastmilk and have enough at all times. So that’s why I love this pump so much”- Hannah  

What does Hannah love about the Minbie breast pump?

You only have to watch the video to see just how happy Hannah is with her pump. As well as making her pumping journey easy & pain free, it’s also allowed her to build up a good milk supply and a great stash in the freezer so that baby Mela can have a bottle when mama can’t be there to breastfeed. This is the kind of flexibility mums need (and deserve) and something the Minbie team strives to achieve with every product we create.

Hannah’s top benefits of using the Minbie breast pump

🍼 Quiet
The quiet motor means Hannah is able to breastfeed whilst pumping without disturbing her bub. 
🍼 Easy to use
The simple touch screen display and ease of use design makes it a breeze to pump. 
🍼 Gentle yet effective
The choice of pumping levels allow Hannah to adjust the strength and frequency to suit her body on any given day. (The maximum strength (31kpa = 232.51mmHg) complies with the industry standard safe limit.) 
🍼 Flexibility to single or double pump 
Having the ability to single or double pump gives Hannah more flexibility in her pumping routine.
🍼 Freedom to continue to offer breast milk even when at work
Hannah wanted to find the best way to be able to continue to offer her little one breastmilk when she returned to work. The Minbie breast pump gave her the comfort & reliability she needed to achieve this outcome!
🍼 Encourages a good milk supply
As the pump has a setting for stimulation of milk-supply, and another for setting for expression, this has helped Hannah to maintain milk production therefore protecting her precious breastfeeding bond.
🍼 Perfect way to build up freezer reserve
Having an efficient and comfortable pump has enabled Hannah to build up a good reserve of breast milk in her freezer. This is so handy for the times when she is unable to breastfeed.
🍼 Freedom to pump on the go
With its long lasting lithium battery, this fully portable pump has given Hannah the freedom to pump wherever & whenever she chooses. (A little freedom makes a big difference!)


If you, like Hannah, are looking for a pump that will comfortably get you to where you want to be on your feeding journey, look no further. The Minbie hospital grade double breast pump is worth its weight in gold and will make pumping painless in every way! Quick, effective and super easy to use, even on the go, this is the pump all mums deserve! 

If you have any questions about our breast pump or your pumping journey, don't hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7customer service team!