The Minbie dummy is here & mums are lovin' it!

Sleep is key to our wellbeing and therefore our ability to cope, especially as very new parents, hence it’s important to find ways to make sure everyone is getting the rest they need. New mum Elise knew she wanted to be able to offer her new baby a dummy, but was worried about potential damage they may cause to the developing gums and teeth. Finding the uniquely designed, orthodontic Minbie dummy that safely soothes, by providing the bridge between active feeding and sleep, has been a game changer.


Settling a baby is one of parenthood’s most treasured joys, however there will be times when you’re spending many, many hours just trying to get bub off your breast and off to sleep. More often than not, you’ll be doing this when you’re at your most exhausted too! This is why mums like Elise love the peace of mind that comes with a dummy that gently soothes the sucking reflex while being very gentle on their palate and gums. The dummy will help bub soothe themselves to sleep, whilst gently strengthening their feeding motion against reflux.

“Olivia was only 2.2kilos when she was born, so because of that I found that she was very sucky at all hours of the night and day. We found that the dummy was really helpful to give me a little bit of a break to get some sleep whilst I wasn’t feeding. My husband was able to settle her” Elise 

The Minbie dummy, like all Minbie products, has been designed to empower you to embrace your feeding journey and have the freedom to accept help whenever you need it without any risk to breastfeeding. With this dummy, bub will continue to suckle as nature intended. The dummy provides a slightly different feel in the mouth, allowing bub to clearly feel the difference between feed time and sleep time.

“Olivia took it straight away which was really good. There was no issue with her sucking. We used the dummy, in the early days, as just a way to settle her, and not be settling her on the breast and feeding, so therefore I was able to get some sleep. Such a nice relief for me” Elise  

Another feature of the dummy that Elise loves is the Koala themed shield which is incredibly gentle on bub’s delicate skin with a perfectly placed lip-rest, so the dummy balances and safely stays in the mouth. The unique shape allows proper air-flow whilst the nipple soothes the sucking reflex making it safer for natural development of your baby’s gums and palate. 

'Koala means ‘no drink’ with the Australian first nations peoples of the Sydney region name 'gula', so is the perfect name for a pacifier that protects your breastfeeding bond whilst bub’s ‘not drinking’- Julia - Minbie Founder

This latex free, plastic free & BPA free dummy is made from medical grade, hypo- allergenic silicone protecting your baby’s sensitive skin. Its one-piece construction makes it safe, easy to clean and simple to sterilise so you have nothing to worry about when it’s calming your little Joey to sleep. 

“Just to know that this dummy is significantly smaller than the dummy I previously used, is really reassuring. I know there won’t be any (dental) issues moving forward with how much we use the dummy. I feel fine to be using it for longer periods of time.” - Elise

Your questions answered:

“Will the dummy affect breastfeeding?”

If you are breastfeeding, preferably only start dummy use after breastfeeding is established. The patented Minbie dummy is designed to be supportive of breastfeeding with a dome and grooves on the underside for slowing and naturally relaxing the feeding motion.

“Will the dummy cause damage to my baby’s growing gums and teeth?”

Being shorter and new in shape, the orthodontic Minbie dummy is more gentle on the palate and upper gums, as well as helping to keep the airways open while babies are using it. This makes it a safer product for your little one.

 “Will it be difficult to take the dummy away when it is no longer needed to soothe my child?”

If the dummy is used only at sleep times, and not all day, it can become a helpful cue for sleep time. It really depends on your individual preference as to how and when you use it, but remember, any soother can be difficult to take away.  

“At what age should I take the dummy away?” 

When bub is around 6 months old they'll be beginning to eat solids and developing their chewing muscles. This is a good time to start reducing the amount of time they have the dummy. Let's face it though, everyone is different and in general, children tend to give up the dummy between two and four years of age. There is no rule!

"Does the dummy fall out easily?" 

Once a baby is used to non-nutritive soothing on the Minbie dummy, the shape balances easily for bub to keep in and also allows bub to easily push it out when no longer needed. 

"How many sizes are there?"

There is one size, suitable for premature babies right up until bub can soothe themselves without.  

Parents like Elise are finally feeling happy and confident to offer their little ones a truly unique dummy that compliments our equally unique bottle teat, both functioning to support parents and carers with feeding and soothing a baby whilst nurturing their ability to sustain breastfeeding.