What do newborn babies do all day?

So, you’ve convinced yourself you're set for sleepless nights and crying marathons? Stop panicking! When your newborn arrives, time will fly, and with the right help, you'll breeze through. When you have a newborn in the house, it’s important to take each day as it comes and be as flexible (and kind to yourself) as possible. The newborn stage is so short, everything happens quickly and before you know it, routines will be changing, sleeps will get longer and feeds won’t be every 2 hours! The easiest way to make the most of this time is to have a first class feeding system in place so you can help each other and support a lasting breastfeeding relationship between mum and bub!


So, what will your newborn do all day?


Your newborn will spend most of their time resting. Their sleep cycle lasts about 2 to 3 hours with a few interruptions where they may simply need a little help to fall back asleep. Newborns generally sleep for up to 16 hours in a 24-hour period. Bub will be waking 2-3 times a night for feeds, however as they get a little older they will be able to take a larger feed and sleep for longer stretches. Sleep cycles fluctuate regularly as bub develops so it's best to take things slowly and be as flexible as possible.

'In the first 3 weeks of life you can’t love a newborn too much – you can rock cuddle and kiss them to sleep, you can’t create bad sleep habits at this age.' - Dr Daniel (Golly) Golshevsky - Paediatrician 


Whether breast or bottle feeding, your newborn will need approximately 6 to 8 feeds in 24 hours, and will be feeding for a total of around 2 to 5 hours a day. Being ready with everything you need for this will be a huge time (and sanity) saver! Minbie's parent tested, parent approved teat "feeds like the breast" to protect your mother-baby breastfeeding bond, making it ideal for parents of newborns who want the freedom to introduce a bottle that won't take over from the breast. With Minbie your baby works for the feed which is healthy for very little tummies and is very anti-colic and anti-reflux. Feeding your little one is a great time for bonding, so it’s lovely to share this time with others. If you're breastfeeding, you can still have your partner close by, talking to bub and helping out when needed. Remember, a good, comfortable hold and eye contact is great for bonding and safe feeding. This is a great article on holding your little one for feeds!


Cuddles and playtime are not only fun, they're crucial for your little one's development. So, whilst they may seem to only want to sleep and eat, it's beneficial to make time for this. Simple activities such as singing, chatting, blowing raspberries, baby massage and bath time fun are all learning opportunities for bub. Cuddling and making eye contact are just as important too, so make the most of those quiet moments you have together. When you notice your baby is getting a little agitated or grumpy, it most likely means they're ready for their next sleep or perhaps a quieter activity.


Yes! It can feel like your little one is constantly crying, but it pays to remember this is the only way they can communicate right now. Rest assured that approximately 1 in 10 babies cry for more than 3 hours a day, so you’re not alone. When bub is crying, there will usually be a simple way to help them. More often than not, their nappy needs changing, they're hungry, they're too hot or too cold, or they’re simply looking for a little help to get back to sleep. Just like older children, babies sometimes need a reassuring cuddle to settle them. You’ll soon learn what bub's different cries mean which will make life a little calmer.

No need for routines just yet

You may love the idea of settling into a routine as quickly as possible, however, with a newborn baby it’s best to be flexible and take each day as it comes. The most important thing you can do for your baby right now is make sure you’re all well fed and well rested. Yes, all of you!! Ignore the laundry pile, forget the dishes in the sink, let Minbie help you through the early days so you can just enjoy these first magical few weeks.

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