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5 Reasons Why Your Little One Won't Refuse This Bottle 🍼


Last Updated Sept 27, 2023

1. Unique Teat Design

Our bottle features a teat that uniquely mimics an authentic breastfeeding feel. It improves latching and prevents bottle refusal or nipple confusion. We’ve carefully designed the teat to help nurture your little one’s instinctive breastfeeding technique and support healthy flow and digestion. While many babies have refused other brands for months, they instantly take to Minbie’s natural feel and design.

2. Prevents Colic For Peace of Mind and Better Sleep

A common struggle newborns have with bottle feeding is taking in too much air - causing colic. Our anti colic valve and unique latch design mean less gas and less time burping your baby so you can share happier moments together before a more restful sleep.

3. Better Sterilisation & No Harmful Chemicals

Our bottles are safe for your little one, thanks to our premium PPSU the bottles have a higher heat resistance for improved sterilisation. PPSU is extremely durable and also completely free of harmful chemicals (BPA, BPS, Bisphenol, estrogenic, and androgenic activity). Never crack a bottle ever again!

4. Helps Prevent reflux

Reflux caused by milk or food that comes back up into the oesophagus can lead to pain, crying and interrupted sleep. Minbie’s unique anti-reflux feeding design helps support the digestive system so you can focus on quality time with your little one.

5. Thousands of Happy parents

No more bottle refusal, latching problems, or reflux! But don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of new mums have chosen Minbie for a superior bottle that works. You’ll never worry again about switching between bottle and breastfeeding, and have greater peace of mind and quality time with your little one.

Ready For A Bottle You And Your Little One Both Love?

Thousands of mums give Minbie 4.5/5 stars.

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What New Mums Are Saying

  • Can't recommend minbie enough!

    “Well worth the money! Give you years worth of bottles and teats (two for each stage/size). I don’t need more than that as I wash and disinfect everything as soon as it’s finished being used. My main concern was bub confusing or preferring the bottle to boob, but that’s not the case at all! I am one very happy Mumma with regard to the Minbie range!”

    - Cassandra M.

  • Finally!

    “Absolutely love this bottle! My baby was having a hard time latching on to the Avent bottles so after some research I found this one. He loves it!”

    - Martisha G.

  • It worked!

    “My son refused 8 different bottles, but then once we tried Minbie….he immediately took it. These bottles changed our lives.”

    - Taylor J.

  • Wow

    “Great design and no refusal from bubs.”

    - Tiffany K.

  • Great product

    “There was no doubt about ordering new Minbie bottles for our second child. We had a great experience with the bottles & teats with our first child supporting her feeding through top up feeds. This time round we are using the teats to help strengthen our little girl's latch and correct her technique to assist in our feeding journey. Fits so much more than what we used previously.”

    - Nicole E.

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