5 Reasons Why Bub Needs This Soothing Dummy

1. Soothing Design For Smooth Transitions

Tired of suckling your little one to sleep? This dummy was designed to encourage easier transitions from breast to dummy - giving mum the chance to relax and rest. The natural design also makes it more likely they’ll take to it, even if they’ve refused dummies in the past.

2. Made With Breastfeeding In Mind

Designed by a mum for mums - this dummy was made to help soothe your baby without risk to your breastfeeding. Whilst bub is soothing themselves, they’re also gently strengthening their feeding motion and protecting your breastfeeding bond.

3. No Toxins, Allergens, Plastics, Or Harsh Chemicals

Made with 100% hypoallergenic silicone - there is no plastic, toxins, or other nasties that could irritate your baby. Being BPA free, phthalate free, nitrosamines free, PVC free, and paraben free, it’s perfect even for babies with sensitive skin.

4. Orthodontic Design For Natural Development Of Gums & Palate

The unique shape of this dummy not only positions the soother forward in the mouth to help keep their airways open, its orthodontic design also gives better protection for bub’s developing gums and palate.

5. One Piece Design Prevents Hidden Germs Or Bacteria

The single piece design means that unlike multi-part dummies, bub is safe from germs and bacteria that like to hide in hard-to-clean corners and cracks. The design also makes it super easy to clean!

Get Them A Dummy That’s Both Safe And Soothing

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  • Excellent orthodontic dummy

    Being an orthodontist, I highly recommend these orthodontic dummy. The grey sides are made of silicone, doubling it as a teething soother which my daughter bites on when she wants comfort occasionally while sucking on it. I haven’t seen any similar ones in the market that has thought this through. I’ve ordered 3 boxes of these now as I have it in every room of the house!

    - ANNLIE a.

  • Try this dummy before you give up!

    We’ve tried several dummies with our son Vinnie including nuk, bibs, avent and tommee tippee. This is the only dummy he will take. We tried the minbie dummy and he took it first go, I really like the size and shape of the teat it is also very soft and mimics the breast texture when you touch it. I think this is why he latched first go. Highly recommend to anyone who is about to give up on their little one taking a dummy. It’s been a life saver whilst we’ve been in hospital as Vinnie was tube fed and couldn’t be comforted by the breast. This dummy also hasn’t affected our breast feeding journey at all.

    - Samantha F.

  • Wow

    Our daughter had started dummy’s on a different brand. All was fine till it wasn’t! Bub was starting to get worse with latch issues and chomping down on the breast like with her dummy. We immediately stopped but that’s when we found Minbie. Bub took to the dummy seamlessly and had no impacts on her feeding latch !! Our Daughter loves her dummy and this one is the best out there. Show Less

    - Taylor E.

  • Finally!

    The Minbie was our 6th attempt, and with a huuuuge sigh of relief - it’ll be our last! From the 1st suck it was a triumphant success! We tried BIBS, NUK, Avent and Medela in a variety of shapes with no luck for more than half a suck. Tiny human has a tip tie and mild posterior tongue tie -which don’t impede breastfeeding, but she couldn’t hold a standard shape in her mouth. So so so happy we got recommended the Minbie!!

    - Sam

  • Great product

    We have loved the koala dummy for our Bub. We especially like the design where no water can be trapped in the dummy and that you could also see in bub’s mouth.

    - Ada L.

  • Daughter loves it!

    My daughter has hated other dummies but loves this one! The design, texture and base are so natural and just wonderful.

    - Alina C.

  • Very happy

    I have tried several dummies for my baby girl and the Minbie dummy is the only one she will take. She loves them and they appear to be great quality.

    - Kylie G.

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