When is the right time to start your baby on a bottle? One mum shared her experience...

When is the right time to start your baby on the bottle? No doubt you have heard conflicting views on when is the right time. Even medical professionals differ in their views. So how do you settle on the right time? 

3 reasons why a mum may need to bottle feed as told by a mum

"I must have spent over £60 trying different brands different teats, different sizes and flows of all different types. From really cheap supermarket brands up to a £20 bottle, and nothing was working. I was really starting to panic."

2 ways how bottle feeding can cancel out breastfeeding or the reverse

Breast and bottle feed are the two most common method for feeding babies but one can cancel out the other, how?

A mum's empowerment is a baby's happiness

Often times you see well put together mums who epitomise what is the conceived ideal mum figure. You may come away with a feeling of disappointment in yourself because you fall short despite your efforts...